Making Waves |The Plant Base | April – May 2023

13 April 2023

Make waves with Aquamin multi-minerals.

Creating beverages that delivers nutritional value is driving innovation in the category. Ingredients have to work harder than ever before to attract and inspire consumers. So how can you build a positive product narrative? Making Aquamin marine multi-minerals part of the NPD journey is a good place to start. 

Natural nutrition

Aquamin Lithothamnion is an all-natural, allergen-free material, which includes calcium, magnesium and 72 trace minerals, and can be easily in a variety of applications. Derived from mineral rich red algae a natural source of calcium and over 70 other trace minerals. The range also delivers in terms of performance for beverage customers: it has a neutral taste profile, clean label and offers a variety of grades to meet  requirements of sector including plant milks, water-based beverages, smoothies, juices, energy drinks and sports drinks.  

Aquamin Magnesium is an excellent source of magnesium which is derived from the clean ocean waters around the Irish coast.  If offers a range of grades to meet the full requirements of the beverage sector including sports drinks energy drinks, functional beverages, smoothies and juices. 

But that’s not all Aquamin has to offer. 

Responsible values

The fact that Aquamin has been developed with respect for the environment and total transparency speaks directly to the more mindful consumer. 

Our red algae rae material is responsibly harvested under licence from the wild and remote seas of northwest Iceland. The harvesting process is designed to minimise impact on these complex eco-systems by only gathering calcinated or mature seaweed. 

Evidence-based benefits

Equally important is a clear commitment to ensuring the positive health impacts of Aquamin are supported by rigorous scientific research with over 40 peer reviewed papers. 

“Through our academic partnerships, we provide peer-reviewed insights into the potential benefits of Aquamin in areas of global interest. Bone health, digestive health, joint health and cognitive health are all major focus areas,” said Paul Donegan, Commercial Development & Marketing Manager for Marigot Group.

So whether you want to boost the calcium content of a plant-based milk, add bone health benefits to a morning smoothie or use natural marine magnesium minerals to differentiate a sports drink, Aquamin has a solution.  

AndrewB - April 2023