Aquamin – A Plant-Based Solution for Enhanced Gut Health

27 April 2023

Digestive health has become a major focus in the food and nutrition industry, with the global market for gut health products expected to reach $22.1 billion by 2027, according to a 2021 report by Research and Markets. This growth is driven by increasing consumer awareness of the importance of gut health and the role of the gut microbiome in overall health and wellness. As a result, there has been a rise in new product launches and nutritional strategies that aim to improve gut health. In 2020, there was a 17% increase in the number of product launches with “gut” or “immune health” claims, according to Innova. This trend creates opportunities in the market for ingredients that can deliver scientifically proven benefits for the gut.

Aquamin is a multi-mineral complex derived from Lithothamnion seaweed species, sustainably harvested from the coast of Iceland.  This red algae accumulates and stores minerals from seawater in its cell wall as it grows – providing a rich profile of calcium, magnesium, and 72 additional trace minerals that synergise to enhance gut health.

Discover the Synergistic Benefits of this Multi-Mineral Complex for a Balanced Gut Microflora and Improved Immune Response

Aquamin regulates immune response, promotes the differentiation of colonic cells, and provides a balanced gut microflora. Scientific research supports Aquamin’s positive impact on gut health and the microbiome, highlighting the benefits of sourcing minerals together in one natural form.

Our understanding of how Aquamin benefits different aspects of digestive health is based on robust scientific research.

Working with leading academic institutions and clinical centres of excellence, we have built a large and evolving library of peer-reviewed studies. These insights continue to inform our approach and deepen our knowledge of this exceptional marine material. They also underline the strong argument that minerals work most effectively when sourced together in one natural form.

We work to continuously improve our understanding of Aquamin, and its potential to improve health. Today, our studies show that Aquamin enhances probiotic and prebiotic activity, improves gut wall integrity, reduces gut inflammation and supports a diversity of gut microbial populations. 

Read on to review the many ways in which Aquamin has been shown to impact gut health and the microbiome positively.

Aquamin as an effective prebiotic

Research findings 

  • – Improves gut microbiota diversity and increases total short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs); both of which are considered highly beneficial for the gut.
  • – Regulates the inflammatory mediators NF-kB, TNF-alpha, IL-1beta and IL-4.
  • – Aquamin outperforms other prebiotic ingredients in terms of positive impact on the numerous factors governing gut health and the microbiome. (See Fig1).

Aquamin as an enhancer of pro and prebiotic activity. 

Key findings:

  • – Acts as an excellent carrier for probiotic bacteria, with outstanding loading characteristics, stability and viability.
  • – Protects the probiotic cargo from the severe acidic conditions of the gastric phase of digestion due to its calcium carbonate superstructure. 
  • – Plays an important role in regulating immune cell development and homeostasis; contributing to a healthier immune system.

​​Aquamin & gut inflammation

Key findings:

  • – Helps to maintain a healthy digestive barrier, reducing chronic inflammation in the gut and preventing ‘leakage’ of undigested foods, bacteria, toxins and viruses into the bloodstream.
  • – Protects against fatty liver disease while on a high-fat western diet (animal studies).
  • – Improves the symptoms of colitis (a chronic inflammatory disorder).
  • – Significantly reduces mortality and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) activity, as well as inflammatory markers IL-1beta, TNF-alpha and IL-2. (See Fig 2).

Aquamin & gut microbial populations

Key findings:

  • Decreases levels of lactic acid and acts as a buffer on colonic pH (compared to control treatment) in IBS-derived, gut microbial populations[1]; indicating a positive effect in relieving IBS symptoms.
  • Enhances gut microbial diversity and species enrichment (animal study).
  • Reduces total bile acids and increases levels of SCFAs. (See Fig 3).

Aquamin & polyp formation

Key findings:

  • Reduces colon polyp formation in both high-fat and low-fat diets (animal studies); to a level greater than previously evidenced by calcium alone. (See Fig 4).
  • Induces the calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR), a robust promotor of differentiation in colonic epithelial cells, which also acts as a tumour suppressor. 
  • Demonstrates a more 

Aquamin & barrier enhancement

Key findings:

  • Organises and systematically arranges the proteins that are most important for the creation of the gut’s impermeable membrane. (See Fig 6).
  • Enhances barrier formation and gut integrity.
  • Promotes a healthier stomach wall.
  • Increases the proteins required for differentiation more effectively than calcium alone; a key indicator of cell improvement.

Marigot is committed to unlocking the science of marine minerals for health. 

Marigot remains committed to investing in research-based programmes designed to explore the full potential of Aquamin. With gut health widely identified as one of the leading health and wellness trends, we aim to build on our solid foundation of scientific evidence to bring new insights to the market. This proven approach – together with our processing technology, optimised inclusion systems and product development – will continue to drive the successful application of Aquamin in an ever-increasing range of food and dietary supplement formulations. 


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