A Multi-Mineral-Approach to Improve Barrier Protein Expression

19 January 2021

Ulcerative Colitis / Gut Health Publication 2020:

The latest publication in the area of gut health, looking specifically at the area of ulcerative colitis is available in summary form and to download, along with all publications at the Science Page on this site (simple registration required).

The team at the Department of Internal Medicine (The Division of Gastroenterology), The University of Michigan Medical School at Ann Arbour have published a number of colonoid studies utilising Aquamin marine mineral complex on healthy tissue. This new paper takes this research to a new level. In this particular study, colonic biopsies are taken from individuals with Ulcerative Colitis and grown in culture. Changes that occur in the cells are then recorded following supplementation with Aquamin.  

Aquamin is shown to improve tissue strength, organization and structure, as well as cell-basement membrane interaction (image below). It allows for a thicker mucous layer, and increased anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory proteins. 

This new publications suggests that supplementation with Aquamin is likely to be of significant benefit to individuals suffering from ulcerative colitis.

Ulcerative Colitis-Derived Colonoid Culture: A Multi-Mineral-Approach to Improve Barrier Protein Expression

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology | 1 November 2020 | Volume 8 | Article 577221


AndrewB - January 2021