Aquamin Mg Soluble is a Magnesium Citrate based mineral source produced by reacting Magnesium Oxide with Citric Acid to render it soluble in aqueous systems.

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Appearance : White Powder
Solubility : Soluble up to 1g/100mls with vigorous mixing in aqueous food systems from pH 3.0-6.0
Odour : Odourless
Taste : Slightly Acidic / Tart

Aquamin Mg Soluble is a soluble highly bioavailable source of magnesium for use in food, low pH (3.0 - 6.0) beverages, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

Aquamin Mg is a natural product of marine origin and as such is subject to seasonal variations. The values below are typical.

Magnesium (ICP) 10 - 12%
pH (1% aqueous solution) 4.0 Min
Particle Size 300μm max
Bulk Density (Tapped) 0.3-0.6g/ cм3

FSSC 22000
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans




10kg white paper box with a blue food grade polyethylene liner, palletised and stretch wrapped.
Storage - cool dry area.

3 years from date of manufacture

Multimineral complex From Marine Plant