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Marigot Ltd. was established in 1993 by Les Auchincloss, previously founder and major shareholder of Biocon Limited until the acquisition by the Quest Division of Unilever in 1989. Operating under a system that fosters an entrepreneurial approach, the core business involves the identification and development of naturally derived ingredients for the enhancement of Human, Animal and Plant Health.

During the last 24 years, Marigot Ltd has operated with a unique appreciation and mindful understanding of its raw material. The company has worked tirelessly with relevant stakeholders and external parties, ensuring that material is harvested sustainably and with maximum sensitivity to the environment. From this backdrop, Marigot has created and developed the market for this unique marine multi-mineral, covering both the animal health and human food and nutrition sectors. Today, its products are sold in over 40 countries through exclusively appointed distribution partners.

A unique facet of Marigot’s commitment to its raw material has been its dedication to top-tier peer reviewed research. The company invests as much as 5-10% of sales turnover annually in research based programs, to further understand the efficacy of this unique, natural mineral source. This approach coupled with processing technology, optimised inclusion systems and application development has allowed Aquamin to be successfully included in a wide range of human foods and dietary supplement formulations. The company can count some of the world’s leading blue-chip feed and food producers as its valued customers.

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