Health Supplement Applications

Marine Minerals for Health at each stage of life

Supported by a substantial body of published scientific trials, the various grades of Aquamin can be incorporated into a wide variety of supplement formulations. Marigot works with a number of the leading global supplement manufacturers to help them harness the power of nature to create natural plant-based solutions to the problems associated with modern life.

Please contact us to find out how Aquamin can add commercial and nutritional value to your supplement application.


Healthy and strong bones & teeth.

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Young Men & Women

A proactive approach to bone health.
Now is the time to focus on bone health.

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A highly bioavailable product that is safe and has proven bioactivity.

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Active Adults

Protection of bone integrity in a stressed and active life.

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Relief from the pain of osteoarthritis, enhanced mobility.

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Assists with muscle recovery from intense exercise and restores mineral balance.

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