Aquamin is the trademarked name for a range of marine minerals manufactured and supplied by Marigot Ltd. The products are grouped into two categories depending upon their source. Our main product range is a seaweed-derived multi-mineral complex, which is the focus of this FAQ section. We also now supply products based upon a marine-sourced Magnesium. All products are evidence-based ingredients for use in a wide range of food, beverage and dietary supplement applications. .
Aquamin is manufactured by Marigot Ltd. Marigot is involved in the identification and development of naturally derived ingredients for the enhancement of Human, Animal and Plant Health.
Marigot sources Aquamin seaweed multi-mineral complex from the pristine waters off the coast of Iceland. We operate under an exclusive license and maintain organic certification for the process, which is closely monitored by third parties. Marigot maintains full control of each step of the harvesting to ensure future generations can benefit from this resource.
Marigot has invested heavily in and operates a rigorous sustainability programme to ensure that this resource is managed and can provide benefits for human health today and for generations to come. The company has been a pioneer in the development of sustainable harvesting processes for our seaweed multi-mineral complex.
Aquamin has been studied in human trials at different dosage points. The products are often used to provide calcium fortification of products and the daily RDI for this vital mineral is a good measure of use; as part of a balanced diet.
The United States FDA recognises Aquamin as GRAS, meaning that it is Generally Regarded as Safe. Aquamin has a history of use across over 40 countries in food, beverage and nutritional products.
Aquamin seaweed multi-mineral complex is an all-natural, vegan, allergen free and non-GMO ingredient. A perfect addition to your clean label application.
Aquamin is a plant source multi-mineral. It's unique structure renders it easier to digest than rock and animal bone based minerals and can be eaten on an empty stomach.
For formulators: If you wish to include Aquamin in your product, go to our list of global distributors in the contact section of this site, who can supply locally. If you are a consumer - look for the logo on the product or for Aquamin listed in the ingredient panel.