Natural marine source Magnesium and 72 additional trace minerals from the Irish sea.

At Marigot, we believe that the more natural a product is the better. Therefore, our marine magnesium, Aquamin Mg, is derived naturally from the clean waters off the Irish coast.

During the process, prepared calcium oxide reacts with the magnesium in seawater to precipitate magnesium hydroxide. The magnesium hydroxide is washed repeatedly with fresh water and dried to a fine powder. 500 tonnes of seawater are required to produce 1 tonne of high-grade magnesium hydroxide.


Why Aquamin Mg ?

Magnesium quality depends not only on source and elemental Mg content, but also on its bioavailability – that is the ability of magnesium to be absorbed and utilised by the body.

Trace Marine Minerals

Aquamin Mg contains the same trace mineral profile as Lithothamnion Aquamin. These trace minerals are gained from its marine source. Although the additional elements contained are at trace quantities and are insignificant alone, as part of the Aquamin Mg multimineral matrix they work synergistically and give a powerful boost to the action of the Magnesium.


All about Balance

Aquamin Mg provides the perfect balance. Magnesium Hydroxide that posseses a high level of magnesium and a 50% higher solubility than magnesium oxide in water (.009g/L vs .006g/L).

Aquamin Mg is soluble in stomach acid allowing absorption into the blood stream. Indeed, magnesium oxide must convert to magnesium hydroxide before dissolution in acid can even begin.