Unique Product

Aquamin is a unique Marine multimineral complex, providing bioactive calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace marine minerals, for the fortification of food, beverage and supplement products.

Unlike other mineral sources used in food, beverage and supplement preparation, Aquamin is derived from 100% seaweed, which absorbs trace minerals from the surrounding seawater. This form of absorption, coupled with Aquamins’s unique structure, results in a mineral rich product that is neutral tasting, free of chalky texure and easily absorbed by the human body.




Physical Difference – The Structure

“ Aquamin’s unique porous honeycombed vegetative cell structure gives it a number of significant benefits from it’s chemical behaviour to its absorption. ”

Aquamin is plant

Limestone is Rock

People are becoming more conscious of the source and the form of the food and drink they consume. The future belongs to sustainable plant ingredients. The stone age has ended.

Marine vegetation is richer in minerals than vegetation from the land


Trace Marine Minerals

Aquamin contains a unique trace mineral profile gained from its marine source. The elements contained are at trace quantities and are insignificant alone, but within a multimineral matrix they work synergistically and give a powerful boost to the action of the calcium and magnesium.

In our science section we highlight the enhanced bioavailability and bioactivity of this unique matrix.